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A fantasy thriller, the action of which unfolds in the XIII century, tells about the legendary Old Russian hero, in the ranks of his small squad, who entered into a desperate battle with the thousand-strong army of Tatar-Mongol invaders ...


What brave strangers joined me at a morning showing of “Nine Lives,” which was deemed not worthy enough to screen early for critics?

A solo gray-haired woman, who seemed far more interested in consuming her large bag of popcorn than in what was displayed on the multiplex screen.

A middle-aged lady, accompanied by a young girl age four or five, who spent the entire nearly 90-minute running time staring at her cell phone.

And, me, someone who is at least being paid to give up part of her own life to see “Nine Lives,” a supposed family comedy about a billionaire real-estate tycoon who becomes trapped in the body of a tomcat


Russian animation sales outfit Wizart has inked deals on recently completed 3D family feature Fantastic Journey To Oz with Runaway-Luminosity Distribution for India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan and the Maldives.


We released top rated movies to all Mongolian cinemas, including “THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED”,  “THE CREW” , ‘“THE BEST OF ME”, “BRICK MANSIONS”, “NARUTO THE LAST MOVIE”, “STEP UP ALL IN”, “3 DAYS TO KILL”, “SHEEP & WOLVES”, “ZAMBEZIA”, “SAVING SANTA”, “KHUMBA”, “108 DEMON KINGS” and others.


 Digital Content company supplies contents to all VOD and OTT channels in Mongolia. In 2017, we have supplied more than 100 titles, including Russian, Chinese, and American titles etc. “Missionary”, “Silent Retreat”, “Fist of Fury”, “Kids from Shaolin”, “The East is Red”, “Shaolin Temple”, “ The Young Master”, “Fearless Hyena 2”, “Blade of Fury”, “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin”, “Wheels on Meals”, “Three Heroes”, “Ghost”, “Motherland”, “Complete Transformation”, “Fort Ross”, “Treasure of Lake Kaban”, “Yaroslav”, “The edge”, “Gender Wars”, “Grandfather of my dream”, “Hunting the Groom”, “The Bartender”, “The Witch’s Brook”, “Sex competition”, “Office party”, “Complicated Feelings”, “Soulless” and many more.


We distributed a variety of content especially Korean and Chinese best TV dramas, movies, reality shows, documentaries to Mongolian TVs. The distributed contents are more than 300-800 hours. Such as:  “Gentleman’s Dignity”, “The Legend of Kublai Khan”, “Glass mask”, “Get it beauty”, “Angel Eyes”, “My Lovely Girl”, “Ice adonis”, “Big”, “Vegetable story”, “The Color of woman”  etc.