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A young couple who live in slums accidently find a golden egg. They take the shell of the egg to a goldsmith to make sure that the shell was a real gold. The goldsmith then proves that it was a real gold and offers them a good amount of money. After such discovery, husband decides to go to the chicken farm to find that chicken. When he arrive to the farm, the farm owner would not let him in, because farm owner only hires women. So the lead actor decides to change into women’s clothes, wear a  make-up and play into a woman’s role to enter to the farm.




Baljidmaa, a young woman, lives in the Taiga with her hunter father. When the now-grown Baljidmaa brings home two identical twin brothers and announces her intention to marry both of them, her father and the locals stand against what they see as an immoral decision. However, the unconventional trio marry each other.
One day, as Baljidmaa and her twin husbands cross the Russian/Mongolian border, they have a conflict with the Russian border guards...


Mönke Khan’s Order

1256 A.D., far west of Mongolian Kingdom.
It was a time when Assassins, a cold-blooded terrorist organization, were gaining a notoriety around middle east by blackmailing and controlling Arabian and European high ranked officials. In the history, Mongolian army fought against Assassins and wiped them out. Moreover, they captured the king of Nizari, Imam Rukn Ad-Dinh Hurshah, who was popular by nickname “Old of the Mountain”...


    Digital content LLC., since 2016 we started to work on the film projects with our partnering producers. We are aiming to support Mongolian talented and skilled director and filmmakers to make a film which meets with world standard. Even though Mongolian filmmakers are very passionate to make a professional film, they face the lack of finance and technology.  The chosen projects are at any stage of production and we submit our projects to the International film project pitching and present them to our potential partners in order to find a fund and co-productions.